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Friends of Old Headington

People who care for the Old Headington Conservation Area in Oxford

Logo of the Friends of Old Headington

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The AGM of the Friends was held on Friday 4 December

Here is a video of the 2020 AGM and the accounts and draft minutes

2019/2020 Friends accounts draft AGM 2019 and the draft 2020 minutes

Here are the presentations on Headington Liveable Streets (1) and liveable streets(2)

All the newsletters in one document (2009-2020)

Friends of Old Headington Virtual Open Gardens 2020

The social distancing - song

The diary of Council Consultations can be seen here

The Friends

About the Friends of Old Headington our Aims, Achievements and Membership

Here are some photographs of the 60th birthday party on 20 August 2019 ©Howard Stanbury

Friends of Old Headington Winter Meetings

Enhancement Awards

All newsletters 2007-2020

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Links to other organisations



About the Conservation Area

A walk around Old Headington

Friends' letters to the planning office

Ruskin College

Advice on planning

Appendices on planning

Our Legal Duties as Property Owners

Building in Old Headington

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