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Friends of Old Headington

People who care for the Old Headington Conservation Area in Oxford

Logo of the Friends of Old Headington

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©Howard Stanbury
©Howard Stanbury



Here are some photographs of the 60th birthday party on 20 August 2019 ©Howard Stanbury

Thank you to all who supported the Open Gardens day, the weather was kind to us, here are some photos ©Howard Stanbury


Building in Old Headington

A guide aimed at promoting understanding of the problems of repair, extension and new building within the conservation area of OId Headington in the city of Oxford.

Sources of Information and Building materials

Building Materials and windows guide

Tree pruning & removal and overhanging branches


Local references

a brick supplier who did fantastic bricks (we went through a lot of options and many brick samples to get something that the council approved, and were very happy with the end result).


Andrew Turner does exterior painting to an extremely high specification using specialist materials as necessary and always including a guarantee.  His very user friendly and his prices are competitive.  Telephone: 07591 491 804

October 2019 A Community Council for Headington

A decision on the proposed Community Council for Headington was expected to be made by the City Council in October but it has now been deferred to the full Council meeting on 25th November.The Electoral Services department of the City Council, which oversaw the recent Consultation, is responsible for producing a report to go to a full Council meeting. A cross party working group of councillors is being set up to carry out the assessment/analysis. The whole process has been subject to considerable delay, due in part to the unexpected Euro elections.The Electoral Services department have now told the Forum’s Chair that more time than was originally envisaged is required to assess the consultation and prepare a report.  He has agreed that, since the primary aim of the Forum is to have a thorough governance review, if that takes more time, so be it. However, the consequence of the delay is that, if the Community Council is approved, its first elections would not be able to take place until May 2021 - a year later than planned. This further delay would be to allow time to set a precept within the City’s annual budget making process.

HNF/HA urgently need people to help with these projects so please contact or

Advice on planning

The trustees continue to monitor planning applications and other issues that may affect the character of the conservation area; relevant correspondence can be seen in the planning corner section of this website If you are thinking of submitting an application relating to your property, do let us know, as we may be able to offer useful suggestions to keep the process running smoothly.

Access to Headington & Traffic issues Friends of Old Headington Winter Meetings

About the Friends of Old Headington our Aims, Achievements and Membership

About the Conservation Area Enhancement Awards
Headington Action Minutes A walk around Old Headington Links to other organisations
Open Gardens photographs



2017 ©Howard Stanbury

2016 ©Howard Stanbury









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