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Old Headington Conservation Area


Old Headington is about 2 miles east of Oxford, just inside the ring road. The village was made a conservation area in 1971.

The current boundaries of the conservation area are the A40 in the north, Bury Knowle Park in the east, Cuckoo Lane in the south with additional housing along Old High Street, and the John Radcliffe Hospital green spaces in the west.

For a detailed map showing the boundaries of the conservation area please see the Oxford City Council website map which is available as a pdf file. Five other recent maps showing different aspects are also available as a pdf.

A booklet entitled "Building in Old Headington" gives advice about permitted development, renovations and repairs. It is available from the Friends and from this website.

Following the endorsement of the Old Headington Conservation Area Appraisal by the East Area Planning Committee the final version of the appraisal can be seen on our website here

History of Old Headington

The earliest written mention of the area now known as Old Headington was in 1004 when a royal charter was signed by King Ethelred referring to "the royal residence which is called Headington". This royal residence may have been on the site of Ethelred Court.

Headington also appears in the Domesday Book where it is mentioned as land belonging to the king.

Headington remained a village in function and character through the medieval period and up to the end of the 18th century, when prosperous tradesmen from Oxford began to migrate to the outskirts of the city. They built houses with large gardens surrounded by high stone walls on the edge of the old village.

Old Headington was taken over by Oxford City Council in 1929 and became a conservation area in 1971.

People of Old Headington

The following people have their biographies in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004) and lived in Old Headington.

Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997)

Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973)

Vigo Auguste Demant (1893-1983)

Alfred Emden (1888-1979)

Ethelred II (968-1016)

Orlando Jewitt (1799-1869)

Llewellynn Jewitt (c.1816-1886)

Arthur Jewitt (1772-1852)

Adeline Kingscote (1860-1908)

John Massie (1842-1925)

William Orchard (d.1504)

Gabriel Turville-Petre (1908-1978)

Sir Michael Ernest Sadler (1861-1943)

Eva Margaret Gilpin (1868-1940)

Michael Thomas Harvey Sadler(1888-1957)

Buildings of Old Headington

Old Headington has many listed buildings including:

Mather's Farmhouse

The Court

Sandy Lodge

Croft Hall

The White Hart

White Lodge

Manor Farmhouse

The Rookery (Ruskin Hall)

The Grange

Bury Knowle House

Headington House

Manor House

St Andrew's Church

Church House

10 St Andrew's Road

The Hermitage (69 Old High Street)


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The Friends of Old Headington publish two books about the history of Old Headington

Within Living Memory - £10

Recollections of Old Headington, Oxford
Compiled by Leslie and Griselda Taylor

A Village Within a City - £5.75

The story of Old Headington, Oxford.
Edited by Jean Cook and Leslie Taylor

Both these books are available from the Friends of Old Headington

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