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Friends of Old Headington

People who care for the Old Headington Conservation Area in Oxford



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Preferred Building Materials and Techniques in the Old Headington Conservation Area

The Friends of Old Headington have produced a guide ' aimed at promoting understanding of the problems of repair, extension and new building within the conservation area of Old Headington in the city of Oxford'

  • A PDF version of this guide is available here pdf or here as a web page

  • A supplementary booklet on 'Sources of Information and Materials' is available here as a PDF pdf or here as a web page

  • I just wanted to pass on a brick supplier who we found did fantastic bricks (we went through a lot of options and many brick samples to get something that the council approved, and were very happy with the end result).
    94 Old High Street


J H Clarke Wednesday, February 27, 2019 12:47 PM