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Friends of Old Headington

People who care for the Old Headington Conservation Area in Oxford



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Family Walk Round Old Headington

This is a suggested route for a walk round Old Headington, with or without children. The walk starts at Bury Knowle Park which has a car park and a nice children's play area. The downloadable version includes points of interest to appeal to all ages. Much more historical information is available in books published by the Friends of Old Headington and on the Headington website.

Old Headington Walk (pdf) Old Headington Walk (word doc)       


Other Oxford Walks (Courtesy of Oxford Civic Society, The Ramblers and Oxford Pedestrians Association)

  1. Bury Knowle House

  2. North Place

  3. Headington House

  4. White Hart Pub - back entrance

  5. Croft Hall

  6. Coach House (formerly Waldencote)

  7. Sandy Lodge/White Lodge

  8. The Court

  9. The Old Pound House

  10. St Andrew's House

  11. The Rookery (Ruskin Hall)

  12. Ethelred Court

  13. St Andrew's Church

  14. White Hart Pub

  15. St Andrew's Lane

  16. The Black Boy

  17. The Priory

  18. Site of The Bell

  19. The British Workman (67 Old High Street)

  20. The Hermitage (69 Old High Street)