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Friends of Old Headington

People who care for the Old Headington Conservation Area in Oxford



Logo of the Friends of Old Headington


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  • Chairman James Malcomson Chairman[AT]

  • Treasurer Hugh Ferris   Treasurer[AT]

  • Secretary Howard Stanbury           Secretary[AT]   01865 764022
  • Membership secretary Julie Harrod Membership[AT]

Contact the Friends of Old Headington - replace the [AT] when you send the email with@


If you would like to join the Friends or buy one of our publications please send us an email info[AT]

We welcome comments on and suggestions for this website. We are particularly interested to hear from anyone who has information about their homes or memories of Old Headington that are not currently included in our books "Within Living Memory" or "A Village Within a City".

We would also like to have a gallery section with photos of Old Headington and would love to have your contributions, please send to